Who We Are

We are a farm that believes in and is based on family traditions. We are a  7 generation farm located in the calls community.   Our farm is currently operated by  father and son, Ray and Jamie Weaver, supported by their wives Elaine and Ashley Weaver.  In continuing, with our family tradition our children are being raised to understand and appreciate the value of our farm so that if our children choose to they can take over one day.

We use traditional farm practices but have and are willing to adopt new technologies in order to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. 

We work hard not only to preserve our farm's future but agriculture as a whole.  We are involved in several agriculture and community organizations which include Farm Bureau, Soil Conservation, Pork and Cattleman's Associations, FFA Alumini, TN Farm Wine Growers Association, Farm Animal Coalition and Hillsboro First United Methodist Church.

We are a family farm located on the Coffee/Franklin county line  near the Woods Reservoir Lake.  We grow sweet corn, grapes, pumpkins and raise home-grown pork and beef.